About Tanya

wedding photographer Kilkenny
Beauty is all around us. From the knowing glance of a loved one to a blue sky or coffee with friends as it rains hard against the window!

This is what inspires me – beauty in the ordinary as well as the extra ordinary.

I am a lifestyle photographer who specialises in wedding and newborn photography. I love natural light, capturing special moments between couples in love and all things photography. Telling the story of a wedding day with creativity and romance and photographing the beauty of a new life is why I love what I do.

I studied photography at St. Johns Central College and later had the pleasure of learning from wedding photographers who are amongst the most inspiring that I have met.

Somewhere between my photography training and completing a PhD in Politics I found wedding photography and have not looked back – I have been so lucky to have found what I was meant to do.

The road has not always been smooth and losing my mum in 2011 was heartbreaking in a way that words can not even describe. Returning to wedding photography I saw each and every wedding in a new light. I saw them as the ultimate celebration between family and friends where you gather together all of the people you love, squeeze them tight and declare before them all that you have found the person you want to share the rest of your life with. What can be more special than that? It has taught me to give back and I am lucky to be able to give a percentage of my profits to charity each year, to help other families that may not be as lucky.

As your wedding photographer I love to tell the story of your beautiful day, evoke emotions and create beautiful images.

When I am not busy travelling and photographing weddings you will find me at home with family and friends or playing tennis – I love sport! I am a history buff, who loves going back in time and being taken on a beautiful journey. I appreciate the nostalgia in old things, taking long journeys in the car and eating outside with a glass of wine and great company.

I hope that you are here because you are planning a wedding that reflects who you are as a couple and want to share this with all the most important people in your life and I hope that the sun will shine on your day – fingers crossed anyway!

If you are, then I would love to be there with you all too. I promise to be discreet and take beautiful images that tell the story of your day and that you and your family can treasure. Please take a look through my portfolio and if you think we are a match I would love to hear from you and meet up to hear all your wonderful plans for the day.

Please call me on +353 87 668 50 76 or email info@eden-photography.com

Tanya xx